Seeing Digitally Photography | FAQ

Q. How to quickly find and download your digital pictures
A. e.g go to website and at the bottom of the page in the search box, enter your complete BIB number including the leading “0” e.g. if your BIB number is “01234”, please enter “01234” and not “1234”.

Q. How many files can I download ?
A. There is no limit on download.

Q. How do I complete my order?
A. Steps for completing your purchase:


  1. If search returns multiple matches for your BIB number, Right click each thumbnail to open the image in a new tab or window. Confirm if it's your image and then click the “Buy” button on top of the image. Click Select and then Add to cart.
  2. After adding all the pictures, click "Checkout now" and proceed to payment options. Provide a valid email address to receive the download link for the image.
  3. After completing the purchase, the download link for the purchased images will be sent in an email.

Q. I can't find my pictures when I enter the BIB number.
A. Try one of the below steps


Our photographers tried their best to cover every participant. We have gone through every picture manually to tag the photo by the BIB numbers that are visible. We may have missed your BIB number while you were running or were in a group shot. So please search for your pictures using your friends' or family member's BIB number.

In case you could not find your picture , then you can browse the 2000+ pictures we have in the "LostandFound" directory.

Q. I was volunteer and how can i download my picture?

A. Search using “volunteer” or "volunteers" keywords